Coldwell Banker Shred-Event

filesAs you might guess, real estate agents generate quite a lot of paper files over the course of their business. Often times, a file for a single transaction can amount to several hundred pages. That’s a lot of paper! In the past, most agents maintained a copy of each file and their brokerage did the same.  Each agent kept copies for 7 years just in case the information was needed later. As we move toward paperless transactions, the need for the duplicate files will soon be a thing of the past because the brokerage will keep the only file in an approved electronic format. But, what to do with those files, many with confidential information regarding the transaction. Of course, the solution to the build up of files is to have them shredded.


The small paper shredder in my home officer is fine for daily bills and such, but not for several boxes of files from past years. And, don’t forget, as an agent has upgraded computers over the years, they have pulled the hard drives to protect that same confidential information before getting rid of the old computers. You may be surprised to find that shredding is the perfect solution to those old hard drives as well!


cb3dlogoTo help agents deal with the accumulation of documents and hard drives that need to be shredded, Coldwell Banker will host a Shred-Event at their office on Saturday, May 30, 2015 between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. The truck will be in the parking lot at 9250 Laguna Springs Drive.

As a public service, the Shred-Event is open to our friends and clients as well. All we ask in return is that you help us support the Elk Grove Food Bank by bringing a check or a bag of non-perishable food along with your boxes of documents to be shredded.


I have attached a flyer with all of the information so that you will have it in hand when you come by to drop off your documents. Shred-Event-Flyer

Support the Food Bank’s Run 4 Hunger


Coldwell Banker is Supporting the
Elk Grove Food Bank’s Run 4 Hunger

How about you???
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is fielding a team of runners/walkers in this year’s Run 4 Hunger campaign on June 27th.

We at Coldwell Banker know that our fellow agents at ReMax Gold, Keller Williams, Lyons, Stanley Real Estate & Investment and all of the other real estate companies, large and small,  do a lot to support the Elk Grove Food Bank. I believe that together, in a little competition, we can do even more. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage of Elk Grove is challenging all real estate companies in Elk Grove to form a team and join the fight to feed the hungry. Here are the three steps to our challenge.

1.  Have each real estate company log onto the website and sign up to be a sponsor at the Pacer Level.

2.  Have one person from your office, your team leader, log onto the website and create a company team.

3.  After the team has been formed, have as many agents from your office, as well as your friends and neighbors, join your team.

Remember, you can run or walk. In fact, you don’t even have to run or walk, you can just signup as a member of your office’s team to support the Food Bank.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage already has their team formed. I signed up even though I won’t be in town the day of the run. In fact, during my sign-up, I checked the box for no T-shirt since I would rather see the money go to feeding the hungry than to buy a shirt that I don’t need. I think our office is even working on doing their own T-shirts so that they will all show up in Coldwell Banker Blue for the big event.

Even if your company does not accept the challenge, you can sign up and support the Elk Grove Food Bank.

Every dollar raised will do much to help those who are less fortunate that us.

I am looking forward to seeing your company logo on the Sponsor’s page and to see your company team supporting the Elk Grove Food Bank’s Run 4 Hunger. No matter which real estate company wins this challenge, the hungry in our town will be the real winners.

Support The Elk Grove Youth Sports Foundation


The Elk Grove Youth Sports Foundation makes it possible for kids to play sports even if their parents cannot afford to pay the cost of registration.  Each year, they put on  the Annual Running of The Elk event to raise funds.

Next week, Jack’s Urban Eats is supporting the Elk Grove Youth Sports Foundation.

During their pre-grand opening event, from 12:00 to 2:00 on Tuesday May 19th, Jack’s Urban Eats will donate 100% of the receipts generated to the Elk Grove Youth Sports Foundation.

Join us at Jack’s for lunch on Tuesday and welcome them to Elk Grove and thank them for supporting Elk Grove’s Youth.